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Real Estate: Reasons and Priorities for Purchasing Property. It's not just about Real Estate as an Investment.

By Jody Hudson www. JodyHudson. com

Real Estate can be a great investment with curious appreciation. We have had numerous years years of exceptional twelve-monthly appreciation.

We are still having great appreciation, maybe as much as 20% annually in some areas. But, it is not as broad nor as much as it was. Real Estate as an investment can be equitably good to best in the world -- but it is an investment that is best viewed over the long term; There can be long periods when it does not go up in value much, if at all. Taken over a age of decades or even centuries, naught on earth beats it.

Another challenge with real estate is that it is not liquid, that is, it is not easy to change to cash -- like stocks, bonds, and savings financial statement are. Real estate is chiefly non-liquid all through a decline in our markets. You will

not possible hear this everyplace else, in particular from other Realtors, but real estate is not a great investment, it is commonly a good investment but not always, and not all the time -- when looked at short term.

Too many ancestors buy real estate as an investment and fail to remember that there are other reasons to buy. I advise that you will be much happier if you asset real estate for use and for lifestyle instead than as an investment, when it comes to your place of residence or your back up home. Conceivably it ought to be more or less completely about lifestyle. After all, a central residence or a back up home ought to be a place to enjoy a lifestyle that allows you to relax and wind down from the rest of life.

If you live a very broadcast life, one where associates are constantly in the hunt for you out, where you are continually in the light of civic examination and often in the press for instance; if your common life is one where you must continually been on your best conduct and at all times crafting each word and act for it's best value - then i don't know a classified place, away from others, a place where you don't know your neighbors, is just right for you. There are some communities that are unique. There is one just for you!

Perhaps the lifestyle you want is right in the center of everything. Take a look at a mixture of properties for sale. Each of these properties has it's own personality of locality and lifestyle. Ask your Realtor for lifestyle facts about any of them. Most importantly, visit them on your own and find out from the other residents by business meeting them and asking. Weekends are a great time to walk the area and speak to those running outside!

One of the belongings I try to convey to associates who are at stages in life where lifestyle is especially the only basis to buy a home -- is to think about only "lifestyle". Are you actually frustrating to buy an investment that will be aware over a dot of time so that you can sell it for a profit in the future? Or are you difficult to calm down into a lifestyle that will allow you to enjoy your home and surroundings and other aspects of your life?

Perhaps your other hoard are in place, you are in quest of a retired life and you wish to enjoy the lifestyle of a million dough home, but don't want to take that money out of liquid investments, that you might need to access. In such a case, you might want to acquisition a home on leased land. The owner of the land will get the appreciation but you can save, in some cases a million dollars or more, by receiving a home on leased land. In some cases that might be a itinerant home or manufactured home on on loan or leased land. In our area of southern Delaware, most of the associates breathing in land-lease communities do NOT look at the home here as an investment! They have investments.

Perhaps your accurate lifestyle home will not be grateful for in value much or at all. . . at least not in the short term. BUT as long as you keep your home in top shape and are in a advantageous community, you are most expected not down everything at all. If you are allowing for a commune that involves leased land, or "ground rent" as some folks call it, then believe what else you may be receiving out of the deal.

Here and in other areas, some land-lease parks or communities allow you to live life like one of the wealthy exclusive of paying for it and lacking time and cost of maintainance. You may get reimbursement such as swimming pools, confidential beaches, marinas, tennis courts, grass cutting, trash removal, daily or hourly guarantee drive-bys, etc. The communities that I know of that are in "fee simple", that is where you own your own land, do not give all of these benefits, (though I do know of many that afford some).

Consider what it is you want out of home or out of a holiday home. If low maintenance is a priority for you at this point, the manufactured home area may be the best choice, perhaps. Also, you need to bear in mind how much you are agreeable to spend on a holiday home. This will hold a major behavior on what you will in due course purchase. There are many options for ancestors who are in your situation. You just need to calculate your wants and needs in priority order. Next, believe your finances. There are many advantageous factors in owning each another type of suburban real estate. All we ask, is that for YOUR superior happiness, desire be concerned about Lifestyle as an alternative of only investment appreciation!

Copyright 2004 by Jody Hudson
Other articles by Jody may be found at
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Jody Hudson: MrJodyHudson@earthlink. net and www. Kate-Jody. com

Jody Hudson was raised as a planter in Delaware. In 1969 he and his minister began "planting houses in its place of crops" on the land. It was far more profitable. In 1972 he got a real estate licencse. In a few years he became the youngest real estate adviser in Delaware history. In 1982 he was select by Who's Who in American Real Estate as it's youngest associate at the time. He has formed about 40 built-up communities and sold real estate in Delaware and crosswise he nation. He has on paper more than a few constructive articles http://www. kate-jody. com/essays/index. html for you. Enjoy!


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