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A house as it should be priced is half sold.
But there are a lot of ways to price it improperly. .

* You can't go by what you paid for the place. Perchance you bought two years ago when local prices were skyrocketing, and equipment have cooled off since. Conceivably houses like yours can now be bought for less, and if you hold out for what you paid, you'll just waste your time. .

On the other hand, i don't know prices in your area have taken off, and you'd short-change manually if you just tried to "get my money out" (but you'd have a fast sale. ).

* You can't go by how much you've spent on improvements. A given road will aid only a given price range. If you've invested so much that yours would be the most dear house on the street, the import community is not expected to give money back you. .

* You can't go by your tax assessment figure. Even in communities that aim at full-value assessments, the numbers are more or less never in line with what buyers are at present ready to pay. .

So how do you price your house?.
By putting physically in a buyer's shoes. .
What else is for sale in the area? How does it associate with your house? How long has it been on the market? What has sold recently, and how much did the business community value it at? What has disastrous to sell in the past year?.

Any good agent can endow the data you need, often in the form of a chart known as a CMA, Comparative Advertise Analysis. .

And once you have it, again think like a buyer. What price would it take for you to look at a list and say to an agent "Take me to see that one"?.

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