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Letting agents play an critical role in the buy-to-let activity and a good agent can help make or break your lettings experience. So what be supposed to you be expecting from your hire agent?

Professional reputation

To appeal to good tenants, the agent needs to be well customary in the local area and have a good reputation. Try to find agents that are members of countrywide let organisations, such as ARLA, as these will endow with peace of mind for both you and your capability tenants.

Credit checks and references

Once a tenant's offer has been accepted, the hire agent will do some circumstances do research to guarantee they are suitable.

Credit references from the bank or construction society, plus delicate references from employers and where applicable, prior landlords are all standard. For the self-employed, references are anticipated from an accountant or solicitor.

Through their own experience, hire agent's ought to be able to assess the suitability of aptitude tenants and give advice if they feel that a bigwig would not be suitable.


Once the suitability of the boarder is assured, an list and acclimatize arrive will be drawn up. This proceedings the circumstance of the full property, as well as carpets, curtains, furniture, wallpaper and paintwork, along with a list of the total inside of the property.

At the end of the tenancy, the array is used to check that the filling and circumstance of the assets are the same as they were at the start. Changes resultant from broad wear and tear are taken into account.

Tenancy agreement

Although it is doable to asset contract accord forms 'off-the-shelf', an accord bent by a leasing agent is expected to give beat legal coverage having being revised on many occasions by specialist assets lawyers.

The accord ought to include:

-- Distance end to end and cost of the tenancy

-- Deposit to be paid

-- Responsibilities of the tenant

-- Any other definite matters central to the property

It is also a good idea to make certain that a clause is built-in that allows the charter agent to begin presentation the acreage to new budding tenants, once the obtainable rental has near finished. This will help to guarantee that you minimise the total of time that your assets is vacant.

Once the rental arrangement is signed by both parties, the agent will need to direct the boarder on varying the advantage bills and commission tax payments to their name. They will then need to wait for the cheque for the deposit and first month's rent to clear. Once this has happened, the keys are given to the boarder and they are allowable to move in.

Ongoing management

Throughout the contract the agent will be dependable for collecting the rent, arranging for maintenance repairs to take place, alerting the landlord to any major issues, plus periodic visits to the chattels to check all is well and that the lodger is satisfied.

Concluding the tenancy

At the end of the tenancy, the agent is accountable for read-through the filling and clause of the chattels adjacent to the list report, frequent the tenants deposit, minus any excise for broken chattels or gone astray items and ensuring that advantage bills and assembly tax payments revert back to the landlord.

Don Suter is Running Editor of the UK Belongings Entrance (http://www. ukpropertyportal. co. uk), an online address list and magazine for UK belongings sales, rental, surveyors, mortgages, conveyancing, acreage insurance, removals, news, investment and development.

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