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I was in the charge affair for seven-years, made 1. 3 million dollars the first five years, got ill, and had to get out of it slowly, but had the money to do it. I could have made five million had I stayed in a different five years. But my point in is this: I watch TV, on all these quick ways to make money, and ancestors certainly belief this crap. I mean, I owned seven buildings, but I worked 24/7. Ended up in court a dozen times; fought with the State over this and that. I mean, you don't get it for nonentity like these TV fantasy folks would have you belief. Just buy this and that and don't invest, and you'll make it. First of all you need credit. Second, if you don't have $20,000-in the bank, if a kiln goes out, or your gas pipes go out, or whatever, who is going to pay for it? What can happen, will happen; the fantasy ancestors disregard to add that diminutive equation into the formula.

But why do colonize fall into this group? I brain wave about it, and being a qualified counselor, I met a lot of ancestors who fell into this gap. I call it the fantasy gap. All and sundry herds to them like wild geese. These TV folks tap into your fantasies. Easy to do, even Hitler said: "It is easier to fool the a load than the few. " He also was drumbeat into human nature. That is where the fantasy festers. Make a romance for them, and quick to the fantasy, and find the needy, shake it up, and you got your clan.

What some associates do is construct a reputation, and then live on the momentum it has. For instance, I could go about saying: look at me, what I made from fee property. I can show you how to do it. Buy my book, and so forth and so on. And when you analysis my backdrop you will say: yup, he has what he says he has. Now I got you exchange my book, and I look good from my reputation, and I did make the money. But the fantasy is: you can have the gold for austere minerals, like an alchemist would have you believe. Not much work involved, just sign your name, and claim the goods. It is not like that.

A complete reputation, and now I got your money to show you I got wealth. Many of us fall foolishly into money needs, and think a miracle will happen. That is not the way it works. You cannot coax the devil and be expecting to come out on top. If you fell into bankruptcy, it is since of your misconduct of your money, it is as clean as that.

These phony goofballs on TV, do not ask the truth, as I am doing, realism is not equipped to pay the attractive price they want, truth is not part of the fantasy, lies are the fantasy, nor will it draw you to them to buy what they are selling. But gold that is made from sand will catch your attention. Like the man says on TV, jus sign your name here, and you'll make $30,000 in 30-days. If that was the case, what's he promotion books for.

Author/writer Dennis Siluk, has in print in psychotherapy magazines at some point in the l990's, as a approved counselor, and looks now at how people fall into the fantasy gap in real estate. He lives in St. Paul, MN, and Lima, Peru http://dennissiluk. tripod. com


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