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The first thing you need to do is decide what you need as parameters of the property, namely, size, location, price, level of equipment, facilities and so on.

You should have an idea of what kind of property do you need? How you finance the purchase of property. The options are basically two: with your saved money and the other option is a mortgage bank loan. If you act through a bank, this will take a little longer because you should have to candidate, prepare documents, make an assessment of the property and it may take from several weeks to several months to prepare everything and the money. Moreover, in this case you should consider a specific apartment for which you have already signed a preliminary agreement and you should do deposit as part of the amount.

You should proceed to demand. Again, the options are generally two. The first is to search the property using a real estate agency, which will walk you through the process of buying and looking for you. This is a option that will save you effort and frustration, but it is paid and the amount is usually a percentage of the price of housing.

Another option is to act alone and find a property. You can advertise as a private person in many sites. In this case, even if the seller use an agency, you can not contract to pay a commission to the agency because agencies often take commission from the seller and buyer.

When choosing a property regardless of agency or not, you should investigate all matters that interest you. For anything not rush and do not resist the tricks of the sort "I have one buyer," "anticipate that he will buy." Even if you missed the property, will come something else interesting property.

Know that you can negotiate and bargain. You have a real opportunity to download quite a percentage of the price. Know that in case you are the man with the money and the other wants your money.. so negotiate and bargain for the price, extras and so on.

When you select a property and bargain for the price do not sign anything. Even if you're with an agency, it is better to hire a lawyer to prepare your contracts. Depending on how you pay can have a preliminary contract, then the contract of sale. I do not really miss the stage with his lawyer. Better to skip these agency, than a good lawyer to represent you in the transaction. However, it is a lot of money and there is a chance to play you. The lawyer must examine the property, if there are any encumbrances and other traps. It is better to want a clause in the contract, that governs the obligations to be met by the property owner. Once you prepare all contracts, the transaction must be confessed before a notary. The last thing left is to transfer all of utility bills on the property. Can be negotiated with the seller, who and how to meet the costs of the transfer of the property.

Basically, this is what you need to know.


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